Welcome to the Kinship files for the NLSY. This site is structured into primary categories, each with nested subcategories. Please navigate this site with the dropdown boxes at the top of the page.

NlsyLinks is a free downloadable R package to facilitate Behavior Genetic and Family Studies research using the NLSY samples (the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth). These samples are based on a cross-generational longitudinal nationally representative sample of over 30,000 participants followed for up to 35 years. There are almost 50,000 pairwise kinship links.

Researchers and grad students interested using the NLSY for Behavior Genetics and family research, please start with our 2016 article, The NLSY Kinship Links: Using the NLSY79 and NLSY-Children Data to Conduct Genetically-Informed and Family-Oriented Research.

Repositories produced by our research include: * the NlsyLinks package. * the determination of the links from our 2017 grant. * the determination of the links from our 2011 grant. * Lifespan research using Behavioral Genetics and the NLSY.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below. – JAMTTSIIR (Joe’s Amazing Team That’s So Interdisciplinary It’s Ridiculous)